TV program: Veronica Mars

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The character is Keith, Veronica’s father.

Veronica didn’t seem to feel good about her last experience with her old friend.
I thought that she was happy to have a little conversation with someone she admired some time ago before the death of her best friend. Those days I saw her doing a lot of work and she was making a lot of calls. I proposed to help her but she was just not listening, she was searching for something. I said a second time, if she had some problems and I could maybe help, she was so disturbed at that moment. The only answer I got was "don’t worry, everything is all right and I am fine".

In those last days I was feeling a little disturbed by Veronica’s behaviour. The last time I saw her like that was the day her best friend was found dead. I suspected her in something, it seems strange to me that it happened just after her conversation with one of her old friends. I thought that she knew some important information about the death. As her father I thought that I needed to intervene in her deals but without being too oppressive. With my sheriff experience, I knew that something was going wrong in my house.I even began to think that I maybe was just tired because of my work.

Monday, October 24, 2005

1. Whose murder does Veronica Mars continue to investigate?

Veronica continues to investigate the murder of Lilly Kane, her best friend.

2. What did she discover about the murder?

She discovered that the supposed killer was Amelia.

3. What is Amelia about to receive from Jake Kane?

She is about to receive a huge payoff.

4. What did Logan do on Veronica’s computer?

Logan searched for detailed computer files of everyone connected to Lilly’s death.

5. What happened to Keith at the end?

Keith received a business offer from one of his rival private investigators,
Vinnie Vanlowe.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Veronica Mars
Episode 14

In this scene, Veronica had more attention on her school deals that in other times. She discovered, in some archives, that her high school has received threats. First of all, she began by investigating some classmates, who could represent a threat to the school. Meanwhile, she was focusing on a new student named Ben, she believed he could hide something important. Finally, some of her friends and classmates were talking to her about her own investigation that was connected with her best friend's death. They agreed on one element, that their new teacher has something to do with some facts.

The TV program I plan to watch is named Veronica Mars. The main character of this series is Veronica Mars, a 17-years-old girl, who’s very smart. She’s playing an apprentice private investigator and trying to solve the town’s mysteries. Her main goal is to find who killed her best friend and created a scandal that broke
her life. She looks at any clue that can bring her to interesting road or object by spying on some strange people and even her friends. Often, she looks down some back allays or some motels, where she, sometimes, discovers someting important. She lives with her father, who has a new private investigator business.